New grant from the “Sviluppo UniMi” plan

Great news for AQM and the FIRB project “LiCHIS” – Stefano Olivares together with Dario Tamascelli (Department of Physics, University of Milan) received a one-year grant for the project “Generation, characterization and application of non-classical continuous-variable states for quantum information protocols” supported by the Department of Physics of the University of Milan through the “Sviluppo UniMi” plan.

The project aims to enhance a setup for the generation of squeezed sates of light, that is currently present in the Quantum Optics Laboratory at the Department of Physics, up to the application level in quantum information protocols. This will require theoretical, numerical and experimental efforts to reach the expected objectives. All members of the AQM group will be involved, but, among them, the synergy with Simone Cialdi that leads the Quantum Optics Laboratory will be one of the key ingredients for the success of the project.

Furthermore, as the third year of the “LiCHIS” project, coordinated by Stefano Olivares, is devoted to the advanced analysis of correlations in optical systems, the new grant will allow to extend the research to the field of continuous-variable non-classical states, such as the squeezed states, which are the building blocks to generate continuous-variable entangled states. This new opportunity (and challenge!) will indeed improve the final results of “LiCHIS”.