The Structural Biology Group is fully equipped with the instrumentation routinely required for molecular biology, protein production and the biochemical and biophysical characterization of proteins. Two wet labs are fully dedicated to recombinant protein expression in eukaryotic (insect and leishmania) cells. The group possesses robotic systems for high-throughput crystallization experiment preparation and tools for crystal handling. Members of the group have guaranteed monthly access to  European synchrotron sources to collect single crystal X-ray diffraction and SAXS data. The group is also fully equipped with high performance workstations to carry out calculations for structural studies (crystallographic data processing, model building, refinement and structural analyses) and in silico virtual docking of small ligand libraries.


In addition, we have access to departmental facilities as: (i) a large scale cell culture facility (20 L fermenter), for protein expression in bacteria and yeast, and a cell disruptor, (ii) a Monolith NT115 (nanotemper technologies) to determine binding affinities between biomolecules and protein-small ligands, (iii) an electron-microscope EFTEM Leo912 ab for low resolution imaging of aggregated/oligomerized material and a cryo electron microscope FEI Talos Arctica for high-resolution single particle studies.










Oryx 8 crystallization robot

Oryx 4 crystallization robot

Liquid sampling system


Profinia purification system



Chromatography systems

Benchtop and preparative centrifuges





NanoDrop and Spectrofluorometer



Incubator shakers






Insect cells culture lab


Laminar flow hoods


Leishmania cells culture lab

Last update 30/03/22

The Structural Biology Group comprises members from both the DBS-UNIMI and the IBF-CNR. The content herein is not regulated by the University of Milan.