The Structural Biology Group targets diverse proteins involved in a variety of biochemical pathways, ranging from bacterial antigens, viral enzymes and transcription factors, to proteins involved in apoptosis and amyloidosis-related diseases. Our efforts focus on the development of synthetic inhibitors, immunodiagnostic tools and vaccine components to target their related human pathologies.

As no single technique can provide a complete description of the structure-function relationships of protein complexes, combining data from a variety of biophysical methods is crucial to our understanding of molecular function. The expertise and knowledge within the Structural Biology Group, which spans from X-ray crystallography and Small-angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) to computational biophysics, has been recently enriched by the newly established Cryo-Electron Microscopy Lab.



Funding sources

Bolognesi Lab


Senior group coordinator

Camilloni Lab


Computational Modelling, protein dynamics and molecular recognition

Gourlay Lab


Structural Vaccinology studies of protein antigens

Nardini Lab


Transcription factors, cold-adapted proteins and flavoenzymes

Ricagno Lab


Aggregation-prone proteins and amyloidosis

MolBD   Lab


Molecular Bases of Disease

and Drug Design



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The Structural Biology Group comprises members from both the DBS-UNIMI and the IBF-CNR. The content herein is not regulated by the University of Milan.