Research topics AA 2022-23 - AAB PhD Course

Agriculture, Environment and Bioenergy PhD Course (AAB)
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Research lines proposed for AA 2022-23

Research lines activated under DM 352

Breeding of Lugano rice varieties to reduce water, fertilizers and agrochemicals field inputs
Requirements: Plant genetics and molecular biology, bioinformatics - rice cultivation   
Professors: Pierce Simon, Brambilla Vittoria Francesca

The  management of grapevine downy-mildew treatments for a sustainable  viticulture: from fungicide resistance to disease forecasting models
Requirements: Master degree in Agricultural Sciences and related.  Skills in mycology, plant pathology and disease forecasting models.   
Professor: Toffolatti Silvia Laura

Characterization and valorization of vegetable oil waste
Requirements: MsC in Sciences   
Professor. Adani Fabrizio

Use of geological natural gas emission by bioelectrochemical approaches for power to gas
Requirements: MsC in Sciences   
Professor: Adani Fabrizio

Innovative models for analyzing the wine market between consumer orientation and sustainability
Requirements: MsC in Sciences, Technologies and Economics   
Professors: Corsi Stefano, Mazzocchi Chiara

Development of innovative hyperspectral remote sensing methods for agricultural applications
Requirements: MsC in scientific disciplines. Good competences in  agronomy and statistics. Basic competences in Geographic information  systems (GIS) and/or remote sensing is an asset.   
Professors: Bocchi Stefano, Fava Francesco Pietro

Study of the morphological and physiological adaptation of the root systems to drought in a population of Vitis spp
Requirements: Good knowledge of physiology and and genetics of  plants, aimed, in particular, at the study of the interaction between  plant and environment. Interest in conducting experimental activities  implying plant growth both in a controlled environment and in the field.   
Professor: Brancadoro Lucio

Other research lines

Innovative chemical and physical elicitor tratments to implement antioxidant content and resistance to adversity in blueberry (Vaccinum corymbosum L.)
Requirements: Knowledge of plant physiology and biology   
Professors: Spinardi Anna, Cola Gabriele

Effect of transplanting stress on urban tree physiology and possible mitigation strategies
Requirements: Understanding of botany and plant physiology. Capacity  to identify the main tree and shrub species. Basic knowledge of leaf  gas exchange theory in plants.   
Professor: Fini Alessio

Phenomics and genomics to study biodiversity and adaptation in small ruminant populations
Requirements: Basic Knowledge of genetic and genomic tools for  characterizing biodiversity and identifying selection signatures for  traits of livestock interest.  Basic knowledge of techniques and  software/languages for genomic data analysis Degree in Agricultural,  Animal or Veterinary Science   
Professor: Crepaldi Paola

Improving the circularity of biodegradable bioplastics by producing biogas: a full-scale assessment
Requirements: MsC in Sciences   
Professor: Adani Fabrizio

Agro-hydrological modeling and measures for a sustainable management of water resources in rice areas.
Requirements: Good background in hydrology and agricultural  hydraulics; good computer and statistical skills. Knowledge of: (1)  simulation models of the hydrological balance in  soil-vegetation-atmosphere systems; (2) programming languages; (3) field  instrumentation for the measurement of agro-hydrological variables, is  strongly appreciated.   
Professor: Facchi Arianna

ArchaeoAgronomy  and Archaeometry: archaeological and archaeometric research for the  study of rural landscape, production and trade in Antiquity
Requirements: Knowledge of archaeology/archaeometry and/or agronomy   
Professor: Olcese Gloria Angela

Genetic dissection of plant architecture traits in barley
Requirements: Solid background and practical experience in  quantitative and molecular genetics, interest in plant genetics and  availability to carry out field work and driver license.   
Professor: Rossini Laura

Integration of crop models and machine learning: methods and applications for agro-environmental simulations
Requirements: Good agronomic knowledge. Good computer knowledge. If  possible, basic coding knowledge; availability to learn and improve them   
Professors: Bechini Luca, G. Ragaglini

Precision Livestock Farming for improving animal health and welfare and mitigating the environmental impact of milk production
Requirements: Solid knowledge of animal husbandry and the use of  technology in dairy farms. Good knowledge of issues relating to the  assessment of the environmental impact of livestock production.  Availability to carry out fieldwork.   
Professor: Zucali Maddalena Enrica

Genetic and molecular control of rice plant architecture and evolution of growth habit in the  Poacee family
Requirements: molecular biology, light and con   
Professors: Pierce Simon, Brambilla Vittoria Francesca

Exploring the genomic variability and the molecular mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of phytoplasmas
Requirements: Knowledge of plant pathology, molecular biology, bioinformatics   
Professor: Quaglino Fabio

Multi-scale modelling analysis of organic cropping systems in Europe
Requirements: Good agronomic knowledge. Basic computer and basic coding knowledge, which will be acquired during the PhD course   
Professors: Perego Alessia, Acutis Marco

Genetic and genomic approaches to explore the cuticle-mediated response to biotic and abiotic stress in maize
Requirements: Good knowledge of molecular biology and genetics of  plants, aimed, in particular, at the study of the interaction between  plant and environment. Interest in conducting experimental activities  implying plant growth both in a controlled environment and in the field.   
Professors: Casati Paola, Consonni Gabriella

Assessment  of Ecosystem Services provided by green infrastructures and greenways  in marginal mountain areas and their implementation in rural land  planning and design, to promote the development of mountain areas
Requirements: Master in scientific disciplines. Skills in rural land  planning, green infrastructures and greenways planning and design, GIS  (Geographical Information Systems)   
Professors: Sali Guido, Senes Giulio, Fumagalli Natalia



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