Research topics AA 2024-25 - AAB PhD Course

Agriculture, Environment and Bioenergy PhD Course (AAB)
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Research lines proposed for AA 2024-25

1   Design  and management of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) and urban green areas for  sustainable stormwater management (SUDS)
  Senes  Giulio  - Natalia Fumagalli
2   Physiological  and genetic determinants of water use efficiency in barley  
  Tondelli  A. (CREA) - Guerra D. (CREA)
3   Innovation  of irrigation practices through the use of measurements, models and automatic  water distribution and delivery systems.
  Masseroni  Daniele - Gandolfi Claudio
4   Stable  Isotope approaches for studying mineral nutrition in higher plants
  Nocito  Fabio Francesco - Espen Luca
5   Biobased  fertilizers from Hydrothermal Carbonization Technology: effects of hydrochar  on microbioma and biological and chemical soil characteristics.
  Tambone  Fulvia - Scaglia Barbara
6   Microbial consortia and bio-based fertilizers: A synergy towards circular economy
  Adani  Fabrizio  - Clagnan Elisa
7   Developement  of biorefinery from innovative crops (Arundo donax)
  Adani  Fabrizio - Pilu S. Roberto
8   Innovative  lighting systems in horticultural crop production: light-plant interaction,  quality, physiology, sustainability
  Cocetta  Giacomo - Ferrante  
9   Exploring  emotions through bioacoustic and behavioral analysis to enhance farm animal  welfare
  Battini  Monica- Ntalampiras Stavros
10   Study on  acid potential of grapevine cultivars for sparkling wine bases and  low-alchool wines
  Brancadoro  Lucio - Cola Gabriele
11   Evaluation  of the vineyard agronomic management to counteract climate change,  considering different training systems
  Cola  Gabriele - Failla Osvaldo
12   Precision  Irrigation in Viticulture: Multisource Data Processing for the development of  a Decision Support System
  Facchi  Arianna
13   Potential  and limits of generative artificial intelligence in agronomic research and  good practices for its use
  Bechini  Luca
14   Estimation  of GHG emission in intensive cropping systems with monitoring and simulation  models  
  Perego Alessia -  Ragaglini Giorgio
15   Dissection  of GxExM interactions for fruit quality traits and environmental adaptation  in stone fruit species
  Cirilli  Marco
16   Production  of mutants to study the pathogenesis determinants in phytopathogenic bacteria
  Passera  Alessandro
17   The  impact of land use dynamics and climate change on farm profitability
  Mazzocchi  Chiara
18   Combining  remote sensing and cropping system simulation models towards efficient  monitor, report and verify protocols for crop productivity and net  agroecosystem carbon balance
  Ragaglini Giorgio - Perego Alessia
19   Advanced Methodologies for  Planning and Managing Water for Irrigation
  Gandolfi  Claudio - Masseroni Daniele
20   Research  and Evaluation of Alternative Vitis Species for New Rootstocks' Breeding  
  Brancadoro  Lucio
Green and well-being in the workplace. Design and assessment of Nature-Based solutions (NBS) for reaching the E-Environment and S-Social components of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS)   Senes  Giulio - Fumagalli  Natalia  
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