regular dodecahedron

The aim of the PhD Program in Mathematical Sciences is to provide students with techniques and research methods of contemporary mathematics up to a complete scientific and cultural autonomy, allowing them to produce original results. In addition we aim to prepare a class of experts able to use the powerful methods of mathematics to face the complex problems arising in science and industry.

Any student has a personal program with a tutor.

Students needs to get at least 12 credits in advanced courses provided by university professors or international experts, which can be found in a PhD Courses LIST and, for each doctoral cycle, compulsory courses – soft skills for doctoral students in all areas of study. Students are moreover encouraged to partecipate in schools and conferences to get in contact with the international research community.

The core of the program is the personal research activity, part of which can be done abroad and whose results will enter in the PhD thesis, whose content has to be original and publishable.

The presence of numerous seminars and conferences and the close collaboration with renowed institutions across the world makes the atmosphere in the Department of Excellence “Federigo Enriques” lively and stimulating.