Research Lines 2020-21

Stochastic partial differential equations and quantum field theoryStochastic calculus and analytical skillsAlbeverio S.
Stochastic methods in quantum mechanicsStochastic calculus and analytical skillsAlbeverio S.
Ugolini S.
Invariance properties in stochastic dynamicsStochastic calculus and analytical skillsAlbeverio S.
Ugolini S.
p-adic modular forms and L-functions, algebraic cycles, motives and
their realizations
Theory of schemes, number theory and homological algebraAndreatta F.
Non linear DynamicsElementary techniques of dynamic systemsBambusi D.
KAM and normal form theory for PDEsBasic elements of Hamiltonian systemsBambusi D.
Inverse problemsReal analysis, functional analysisBonetti E.
Cavaterra C.
Evolution systems of PDEReal analysis, functional analysisBonetti E.
Cavaterra C.
Mathematical models for applicationsReal analysis, functional analysisBonetti E.
Cavaterra C.
Ambiguity modelling in mathematical financeFunctional analysis, measure theory, stochastic calculusBurzoni M.
Maggis M.
Space-time stochastic processes, Stochastic geometry and statistical shape analysis: point processes, random sets, random measuresMeasure theory; Probability and Mathematical StatisticsCavaterra C.
Micheletti A.
Biomathematics and BiostatisticsProbability, Mathematical Statistics. Partial differential equations, analytical and numerical aspects. Differential Modelling. Cavaterra C.
Micheletti A.
Geometric properties of solutions to partial differential equationKnowledge of the basics of analysis and geometry, with emphasis in partial differential equations and basics of functional analysis.Ciraolo G.
Financial MathematicsFunctional analysis, probability and stochastic processesFrittelli M.
Martingale Optimal Transport and Financial mathematics Functional analysis, convex analysis, measure theory, stochastic calculusFrittelli M.
Stochastic optimal controlStochastic processes. Stochastic calculusFuhrman M.
Stochastic differential equations.Stochastic CalculusFuhrman M.
Mathematical logic, algebraic logic, duality theory, model-checking and decision procedures.Good general mathematical backgroundGhilardi S.
Marra V.
Isogeometric Analysis and Virtual Element Method; Numerical methods for partial differential equations; BiomathematicsNumerical Methods for PDEsLovadina C.
Scacchi S.
Numerical Galerkin methods for partial differential equationsTheory and practice of finite element methods, numerical linear algebraLovadina C.
Veeser A.
Categorical algebraBasic knowledge of Category Theory, Universal and Homological AlgebraMantovani S.
Montoli A.
Differential Geometry and Global AnalysisRiemannian Geometry and PDE’sMastrolia P.
Rigoli M.
Mathematical Physics for quantum and classical statistical mechanics and quantum field theoryKnowledge of mathematical physics, analytical skills  Mastropietro V.
Group Theory and Representation TheoryBasics in Algebra and Group TheoryPacifici E.
Finite dimensional Hamiltonian dynamics: from nonlinear chains to celestial mechanicsKnowledge of mathematical physics and basic elements of Hamiltonian dynamical systemsPaleari  S.
Penati T.
Sansottera M.
Mathematical Methods in Quantum Mechanics and in General Relativity; Evolution equations (especially, in fluid dynamics)Basic knowledge of functional analysis and quantum mechanics; Basic knowledge of differential geometry and general relativityPizzocchero L.
Epistemology of MathematicsGood knowledge of geometry, analysis,…and of the philosophical aspects of the theory of knowledgeRigoli M.
Inverse problems for partial differential equationsBasic knowledge of Real and Functional AnalysisRondi L.
Variational methods for imaging and for shape optimizationBasic knowledge of Real and Functional AnalysisRondi L.
Non linear Analysis, nonlinear partial differential equationsBasic knowledge of Functional analysis, PDEs and Sobolev spaces Ruf B.
Algebraic Geometry and Homological AlgebraSlid background in algebraic geometryStellari P.
Non-local Problems and Free boundary problemsAdvance skills in mathematical analysisValdinoci E.
Nonlocal minimal surfacesKnowledge of the basics of analysis and geometry. Geometric intuition and knowledge of partial differential equationsValdinoci E.
Phase coexistence problemsKnowledge of the basics of analysis and mathematical physics, with emphasis in partial differential equations.Valdinoci E.
Algebraic geometry and Hodge theory, Moduli spaces of curves and  Geometry of Calabi-Yau varieties Basic knowledge of algebraic and complex  geometryvan Geemen L.
Foundations of adaptive methods for the solution of differential equationsSound knowledge of Galerkin methods with conforming and nonconforming spaces, basic knowledge of nonlinear approximationVeeser A.
Functional analysis and infinite-dimensional convexityReal analysis, Elements of Functional analysisVesely L.