Alessandra Forni

Research Scientist at CNR-ISTM

Expertise:  Single-crystal X-ray diffraction, theoretical modelling

Alessandra Forni obtained her Laurea in Chemistry (1990) and her Ph.D. (1993) at the University of Milan. In 1997 she joined the CNR-ISTM as a researcher. She is author/coauthor of about 80 publications in high quality international journals (h-index ISI-WoS 2014: 22) and 3 national patents. She has been Unit Coordinator of a CNR-Agenzia2000 project (2001), PI of a bilateral project with the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (2013) and Coordinator of national High Performance Computing projects and of projects for the allocation of beamtime at the XRD Lines of the synchrotrons of Grenoble and Trieste. She has been member of national and regional research projects (2 FIRB 2001, CARIPLO 2006, PRIN 2007 and PRIN 2010-2011). She acted as referee for international journals such as Angew Chem, Nat Comm, Phys Rev, Chem Eur J and others.


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