Industrie De Nora



SMARTMATLAB industrial partner (LE)

Industrie De Nora is the core and leading company of Gruppo De Nora, the largest worldwide player in industrial electrochemistry.

Founded by Ing.Oronzio De Nora in 1923, the company distinguished herself as top level supplier of plants for chlorine and caustic soda production, as well as machineries and reactors based on electrochemical processes. In 1965 De Nora stepped ahead inventing DSA® catalytic coating based on mixed metal oxides. Since the late ‘90s De Nora moved into a series of acquisition that broadened presence of the group worldwide. Today 10 companies are fully owned by De Nora (USA, Brazil, China (2), Japan (2), India, Singapore, Germany, Italy). Remarkable the joint ventures established with Thyssen Krupp (D) and Severn Trent LLC (UK).

Today most part of the industrial electrochemistry market is served by De Nora plants and components, with a vast majority of the market share in Chlor/Alkali plants and electrodes, surface finishing, plating for electronics, cathodic protection, industrial and pools disinfection. R&D plays a strategic role within the group; all products exploited by the group and conceived and developed in house. Beside the Research Center in Milano and its 25 employees, other 4 R&D facilities have been added worldwide. More than 80 employees are part of R&D organization with an annual investment in the range of 13 M€. The core of R&D activity is still dedicated to the electrodes, both mixed-metal oxides and gas diffusion electrodes. De Nora is pioneer for gas diffusion electrode technology, started in the late ‘90s for fuel cells and neutral salt splitting and now successfully transferred into highly innovative processes for chlorine production.