Laboratori Alchemia


SMARTMATLAB industrial partner (SME)

Laboratori Alchemia has been working in the field of fine chemicals for more than 50 years. The core activity is the production of high-quality active ingredients and intermediates for pharmaceutical industry. Its production facilities have been approved by AIFA (Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco) and are designed to satisfy a wide range of production requirements, from lab. scale to one hundred kilogram one. Alchemia is specialized in the synthesis of new molecules at different complexity levels. Alchemia is able to develop an independent research for nearly any type of molecules and to offer a very broad range of the services typical of custom syntheses. This is possible thanks to the flexibility of the technical staff, the dynamism of a research team that is actively involved in a constant and mutual exchange of ideas with the academic community and to the multifunctional technical equipment available.

The typologies of the reactions in Alchemia are virtually technologically limitless. The available equipment allows to operate in a very wide range of temperature ( -100 °C to +250 °C), pressure ( 0.01 mmHg to 150 bar), volumes (from lab. equipment to 1000 liter reactors).

The production is supported by an analysis lab. equipped with GC, HPLC, UV, automatic titration tools, and all equipment necessary for a complete analytical quality control. The collaboration with the close Chemistry Department at UNIMI allows the acquisition of more complex analyses, such as FTIR, multinuclear NMR and low and high resolution mass spectra.

Alchemia can be considered as a pilot plant for the needs of pharmaceutical companies, which often are not able to dedicate their plants to this type of research and to small-scale productions.

As far as the project is concerned the proper methodologies are going to be employed according to the experiences and the needs for the scale up of the promising molecular targets  which are going to be identified and developed by the center.