Carlo Gatti

Carlo Gati

Senior researcher at CNR ISTM

Expertise:  chemical bonding and materials properties; charge and spin density analyses; theoretical modelling

Research, publications, conferences: 93 Peer-reviewed publ. on Int. Jour, 10 chapters on inter. peer reviewed books, 1 edited book (Modern Charge Density Analysis) Springer 2012 (h-index 34 (ISI-WOS), 3322 citations; 35 Google Scholar, 4136 citations). Author (TOPOND-98)  or co-author (TOPXD, XD, NCImilano) of 4 worldwide distributed software packages for charge density research. 4 times discussion leader at Gordon Research Conferences (GRCs), 11 publications in peer reviewed conf. proceedings and 21 more publications related to congresses; 54 invited lectures in intern. (48) and in nation. (6) conferences, of which 22 plenary lectures; 3 industrial and 2 technical reports.

Professional/Academic Experience: 1979-1982 Research contracts with Breda Termomeccanica, Ansaldo Impianti and CNEN (ENEA) for reducing the radioactive contamination in nuclear plants. 1982-20131982-1986: CTP CNR-CSRSRC (Milano), 1986-1999: CNR Research Scientist, CNR-CSRSRC; 1999-2013:  CNR Senior Research Scientist, CSRSRC and CNR-ISTM; 1986-1989: Visiting scientist (Vis. Sci.) McMaster Univ. (Prof. Bader’s lab), Hamilton, Canada; 1992: Vis. Sci. IVIC, Caracas, Venezuela; 1996-1997: Vis. Sci. Center of Crystallographic Studies (Prof. Sine Larsen), Copenhaghen, Denmark; 1999: Vis. Sci. Dept. of Chem., University of Aarhus, DK; 1999-2000: Vis. Sci. Dept. of Chem. (Prof. P. Coppens), SUNY Buffalo, USA: January 2007: Prof. de premiere classe, LCM3B, Nancy; 2009: Vis. Sci. Institüt für Organische Chemie, Universität Würzburg, Germany; 2014: Visiting professor, LRCS-CNRS UMR 7314 Universitè Jules Verne, Amiens (France); 2010-2014 Appointed as one of the six international partners of the Center for Materials Crystallography (CMC,,  a Centre of Excellence established 1/1/2010, based on funding from The Danish National Research Foundation. CMC is aimed at exploiting the revolutionising opportunities provided by new X-ray and neutron sources to tackle important challenges in materials science).

Founding and research ID:  Chair of the Internat. Union of Crystallography (IUCr) Commission on Charge Spin and Momentum Densities, CSMD (2008-2011); member of this same Commission since 1999 and presently consultant; 2003-2007  Chair of the 2007 GRC on Electron Distrib. & Chemical Bonding; Co-chair of this same conference in 2004; Chair of Sagamore XVIII meeting June 2015; 2004-2014 Referee for DFG, ANR, ANRES, NSF, DOE, SNSF,NSERC; In particular (2005-2010) he has served as internat. reviewer of the DFG  for more than 70 projects of the priority program SPP 1178-3  on Experimental Electron Density as the key to understand chemical interactions; 1981-2014 PI of various national and inter. research projects, including two of the European Community.

Honors: Gregori Aminoff award 2013, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (Nobel Prize Academy). (see

Socio corrispondente residente Istituto Lombardo Accademia di Scienze e Lettere (since 2 October 2014)





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