De Cola Seminar

Prof. Luisa De Cola

Institut des Sciences et d’Ingenierie Supramoleculaires, ISIS, Université de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France

(Coordinator: Prof. Giuseppe D’Alfonso)

 Hybrid soft and hard materials. Properties and applications

The talk will illustrate some of the recent results on inert or active inorganic nanocontainers such as microporous and mesoporous silica based nanoparticles and soft matrices such as hydrogels. In particular examples using the crystalline allumino silicates, zeolite L, and mesoporous organosilicates will be discussed since these materials can act as nanocontainers and due to their biocompatibility used for biomedical applications. Indeed the organization of molecules or atoms in ordered channels can lead to very special properties absent in any other condition [1]. The porous systems can also be functionalized of their surface and it will be shown that the particles can be decorated with different functional groups including biocompatible molecules and are able to perform drug and DNA or PNA delivery inside the cell [2,3] or even transfection. The delivery can be probed by kinetic analyses after the nanoparticles internalization. Finally the implementation of porous systems in biocompatible hydrogel has been investigated with the aim to create new 3D scaffold for cell growth and differentiation.



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