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Objective of the course:

Introduction to transport phenomena and applications to case histories of industrial interest (e.g. heterogeneous catalysis).

Course contens:

Introduction (0,5 CFU): the unified transport theory; molecular transport and diffusion; Maxwell-Boltzmann theory; transport processes in gas and liquid phase, assessment of the physical properties of fluids. Momentum transport and applications (2 CFU): Energy balance; equations governing fluids motion (continuity, Navier-Stokes, Eulero, Bernoulli). Principles of dimensional analysis. Fluid transport in pipes (attrition, Fanning eq., Moody diagram, laminar and turbulent regimes); isothermal transport of viscous gases; fluid transport across porous materials (Blake-Kozeny, Burke-Plummer, Ergun models); filtration; fluidisation; pumps and compressors. Heat transfer and applications (1 CFU): thermal conduction under steady and unsteady state conditions; heat transfer through fluids; convection; liminar coefficients; heat exchangers; radiant heat transfer. Mass transfer and applications (1.5 CFU): Diffusion under steady and unsteady state conditions (Fick equations); generalised continuity eq.; mass transfer coefficients; simultaneous heat and mass transfer; double layer and penetration theories; heat and mass transfer through porous particles; Thiele modulus and catalyst efficiency. Introduction to heterogeneous catalysis (1 CFU): Adsorption; steps of the heterogeneous catalytic reactions; diagnosis of transport limitations; introduction to lab and pilot scale catalytic reactors.

Recommended reading:

L. Forni, I. Rossetti, Fenomeni di Trasporto, Cortina, Milano 2009;

Addidional reading:

Forni, Introduzione alla Catalisi, CUSL, Milano, 1993; W.L. McCabe, J.C. Smith, P. Harriott, Unit operations of chemical engineering, McGraw-HiII, New York, 2001; R. Darby, Chemical engineering fluid mechanics, 2nd Ed., M. Dekker, New York, 2001; R. B. Bird, W. E.Stewart, E.N.Lightfoot, Transport Phenomena, 2nd Ed.,Wiley, London, 2002; C. O. Bennet, J. E. Myers, Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer, McGraw-HiII, New York, 1962.

Teaching methods:

Theory + exercises

Assessment methods:

Written + oral examination