I. Rossetti is the responsible of the academic licence of the software AspenONE Engineering Suite, which includes process simulation tools (e.g. Aspen Plus and Aspen Hysis), specific tools for the design and rating of specific equipment, such as heat exchangers, a tool for the evaluation of the thermodynamic and transport properties of pure compounds and mixtures with many complex models, A cost evaluation tool and different packages for the dynamic simulation, safety and Energy analysis and optimisation.

We also have access to the PROII process simulator.

We have both a commercial package for advanced kinetic modelling (Athena Visual Studio) and in-house developed Matlab scripts to interpret microkinetic reaction schemes and to simulate reactors and photoreactors.

Some of the topics studied are:

  • kinetic modelling of the hydrocracking of long chain linear paraffins (C10, C16, C28, C36)
  • microkinetic modelling of ethanol steam reforming
  • microkinetic modelling of selective oxidation processes
  • simulation of a heat and power cogeneration plant (5kW electrical + 5 kW Thermal)
  • simulation of ethylene production process
  • simulation of continuous flow processes for fine chemicals production
  • simulation of the production of acetonitrile from ethanol
  • design and modelling of unconventional reactors and photoreactors