Smart Electrospun Nanofibers from Short Peptidomimetics Basedon Pyrrolo-pyrazole Scaffold

microfaiber by electrospinning

We prepared a small library of short peptidomimetics based on 3-pyrrolo-pyrazole carboxylate, a non-coded γ-amino acid, and glycine or alanine. The robust and eco-friendly synthetic approach adopted allows to obtain the dipeptides in two steps from commercial starting materials. This
gives the possibility to shape these materials by electrospinning into micro -and nanofibers, in amounts required to be useful for coating surfaces of biomedical relevance. To promote high quality of electrospun fibers, different substitution patterns were evaluated, all for pure peptide fibers, free of any polymer or additive. The best candidate, which affords a homogeneous fibrous matrix, was prepared in larger amounts, and its biocompatibility was verified. This successful work is the first step to develop a new biomaterial able to produce pristine peptide-based nanofibers to be used as helpful component or stand-alone scaffolds for tissue engineering or for the surface modification of medical devices.

Biomacromolecules 2024, 25, 4, 2378–2389

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