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Nucleobase morpholino β amino acids as molecular chimeras for the preparation of photoluminescent materials from ribonucleosides

Bioinspired smart materials represent a tremendously growing research field and the obtainment of new building blocks is at the molecular basis of this technology progress. In this work, colloidal materials have been prepared in...


Non-natural 3‑Arylmorpholino-β-amino Acid as a PPII Helix Inducer

A new non-natural β-amino acid, named 3-Ar-β-Morph, was designed and synthesized via a regio- and diastereoselective Pdcatalyzed C(sp3)H-arylation of the corresponding 2S,6S-(6-methoxymorpholin-2-yl)carboxylic acid, readily available from glucose. According to the computational prevision and confirmed...