Apis group Amino acids, Peptidomimetics, peptides, protein InteractionS group

Conformational switch andmultiple supramolecularstructures of a newly identified self-assembling protein-mimetic peptide from Pseudomonas aeruginosa YeaZ protein

Protein-mimetic peptides (PMPs) are shorter sequences of self-assembling proteins, that represent remarkable building blocks for the generation of bioinspired functional supramolecular structures with multiple applications.The identification of novel aminoacidic sequences that permit the access...

Temporins: Multifunctional Peptides from Frog Skin

Temporins are short peptides secreted by frogs from all over the world. They exert antimicrobial activity, mainly against Gram-positive bacteria, including resistant pathogens; recent studies highlight other possible applications of these peptides as anticancer...


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