The Rt Hon Cecil John Rhodes… I would annex the planets if I could; I often think of that…

It makes me sad to see them so clear and yet so far beyond my grasp  …


How many degrees of separation in international relations?
Why do nation-states under-expand?
When do nation-states become assertive?
Why did Russia accept its imperial decline gracefully?
What about perfectly plausible neorealist explanations for the irrational decision to go to war?
Do states form alliances to respond to threats or to power accumulation? Balance of power or balance of threat?
What’s the independent variable between international structure and national indentity?
More (wmd) may be better?
International politics is not foreign policy. What does this entail?
Was the Cold War a policy mistake?
Toward bipolarity or multipolarity?
Did most of empires come about by accident or by political design?

There are 192 member of the United Nations; in the last 150 years there has been an increasing number of nation-states; last but not least, there is no alternative to state-polity. End of nation-states?

The TIME FACTOR in international politics: WWI (1914-1918) causes the Crimean War (1853-1856); the end of the Cold War changes the goal of Soviet foreign policy in the ‘1920s. What does that mean?
The key to determine the polarity of an international system is figuring out how many great powers there are around the globe, and that depends on how we define power. What’s national power?

What’s a small power?
Is international system still a useful concept for explaining state’s behavior?
Great powers feel vulnerable to capabilities that they lack and others have. Over time they will, if they can, act to reduce those vulnerabilities. What are the most vunerable great powers nowadays?
To determine whose theory is right we need to find the appropriate time-line. The question is not whether new powers will rise and balance, but: when?
Where are the carriers?
What’s a “special relationship”?
Parliament will remain ultimately sovereign on all matters, whether devolved or not.

Why is Land Grabbing inevitable from a geopolitical point of view?


What’s off-shore balancing?

The United States should prevent the alliance between Russia and Germany.

Ukraine crisis and the Intermarium option.

Who would die for the EU?

Turning Ukraine into a buffer neutral state?

What’s sovereignty? Can sovereignty be pooled, devolved or divided?
There are no confederations today. Why?
Do democracies fight each other?
From ethnic group to nation. When and how?
When are ethnic groups likely to influence Us foreign policy?
People’s right to self-determination?
Why does the Arab-Israeli dispute prove so intractable?
A scramble for Arctic resources?
The new US embassy in Baghdad is the greatest all over the world. American withdrawal from Iraq?
Environmental warfare? Weather warfare?
What’s a historical fact?