New Edited Volume on the History and Philosophy of Programming Systems.

L. de Mol, G. Primiero (eds.), Reflections on Programming Systems – Historical and Philosophical Aspects, Philosophical Studies Series, Springer , 2018.

It includes a co-authored Chapter

Arif R., Mori E., Primiero G. (2018) Validity and Correctness Before the OS: the Case of LEO I and LEO II. In: De Mol L., Primiero G. (eds) Reflections on Programming Systems. Philosophical Studies Series, vol 133. Springer, Cham

New Paper in Minds & Machines

G. Primiero, A Minimalist Epistemology for Agent‑Based Simulations in the Artificial Sciences, Minds & Machines. (2019).


New Paper in Philosophy & Technology

Primiero, G., Solheim, F.J. & Spring, J.M., On Malfunction, Mechanisms and Malware Classification, Philosophy & Technology. (2018).

Preprint available at


New Paper in Journal of Web Intelligence

Negative trust for conflict resolution in software management

Paper at ANTS2018

Paper presented at ANTS 2018 – Eleventh International Conference on Swarm Intelligence, October 29-31, 2018. Rome, Italy

Swarm Attack: A Self-organized Model to Recover from Malicious Communication Manipulation in a Swarm of Simple Simulated Agents
Giuseppe Primiero, Elio Tuci, Jacopo Tagliabue, and Eliseo Ferrante