Webinar “Spiegabilità e Intelligenza Artificiale. Prospettive tecnologiche, etiche e normative” organised by CID Ethics of CNR – May 16, 2024 at 15:00-18:00

The webinar Webinar Spiegabilità e Intelligenza Artificiale. Prospettive tecnologiche, etiche e normative (Explainability and AI. Technological, Ethical and Normative Perspectives) organised by Centro Interdipartimentale per l’Etica e l’Integrità nella Ricerca (CID Ethics) of CNR will take place on May 16, 2024 at 15.00 – 18.00.

Information on attendance can be found here: https://events.teams.microsoft.com/event/3ef82ccc-0ca9-44fa-a7ce-35ad257508c3@34c64e9f-d27f-4edd-a1f0-1397f0c84f94

More information can be found here: https://www.cnr.it/it/evento/19177

Emanuele Bottazzi Grifoni speaking at the International Festival of Arab Language and Culture, April 11, 2024, Milan, Italy

Emanuele Bottazzi Grifoni will give a talk with title “Ciechi alle metafore. Large Language Models e bias della negazione” at the sixth edition of the International Festival of Arab Language and Culture (Festival internazionale della lingua e della cultura araba). The talk will be at 10:30am of April 11, 2024.

This year, the festival will focus on the biases of AI and will take place on April 10–12, 2024 in Milan, Italy.


Giuseppe Primiero speaking at Dagstuhl, March 19, 2024

In the context of the Dagstuhl Seminar 24121 Trustworthiness and Responsibility in AI – Causality, Learning, and Verification which will take place in Dagstuhl, Germany from March 17 until March 22, 2024, Giuseppe Primiero is giving the talk titled “BRIO: a Bias and Risk Assessment Tool”. The talk will be on March 19, 2020.

Giuseppe Primiero speaking at RWTH Aachen, Germany, 11/01/2024, 16:00–18:00

On January 11, 4-6pm CET, Giuseppe Primiero will present current joint work with Francesca Doneda and Francesco A. Genco on “Trustworthiness Ranking with Uncertain Information” at the joint colloquium of the Chair of Theory of Science and Technology/ Computational Science Study Lab at RWTH Aachen University and the Department of Philosophy of Science and Technology of Computer Simulation at the High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart.


Mattia Petrolo e Giacomo Zanotti organising the workshop “Trustworthy AI – Conceptual Challenges and Applications”, 16 February 2024, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

The workshop “Trustworthy AI – Conceptual Challenges and Applications” organised by Mattie Petrolo e Giacomo Zanotti will take place on February 16, 2024 at Politecnico di Milano (Room Alpha, Building 24, Politecnico di Milano, Via Golgi, 40, 20133 Milano).

For more information on the program and on attendance, here is the page of the event:

Trustworthy AI – Conceptual challenges and applications

Giuseppe Primiero speaking at AISC2023, 15 December 2023, Genoa, Italy

Giuseppe Primiero will give a talk titled “The role of verification in Trustworthy AI” at the 19th Annual Conference of the Italian Association of Cognitive Sciences (AISC2023). The conference will take place at the University of Genoa, Italy the 14–16 December 2023. The talk will be on the 15th of December 2023, 14.45-15.05.

Abstract of the talk

While a variety of tools are being developed to make ML systems more transparent, logical methods are coming back to play an increasingly important role: by their nature, they may help building and verifying transparent models of computations. A major aim is therefore to develop formal methods that will help the verification of these systems’ trustworthiness and fairness. In this lecture, I will present some recent work in this direction. I will overview the methodology and sketch some principles of the logics developed within the BRIO (Bias, Risk and Opacity in AI) Project (sites.unimi.it/brio) to reason within and about programs with probabilistic outputs obtained under possibly opaque distributions. Under this approach trustworthiness can be formally verified as an admissible distance from the behavior of a fair and transparent counterpart.


Applied Ontologies Lab organised by Roberta Ferrario and Emanuele B. Grifoni at the University of Bergamo

Roberta Ferrario and Emanuele B. Grifoni are giving a Laboratory for an inter-university Master’s Degree Program (University of Bergamo, University of Pavia and IUSS Pavia). The laboratory is about applied ontologies and it is titled “Philosophical Knowledge: Foundations, Methods, Applications”. The laboratory will take place from the 13 December 2023 until the 21 December 2023 at the University of Bergamo.

Emanuele B. Grifoni speaking at ForMoRe Workshop, 20 November 2023, Trento, Italy

Emanuele B. Grifoni gave a talk titled “Lions we think we understand. A Wittgensteinian critique of Large Language Models” at the workshop Formalization, Modellization, and Representation of Social Pattern Analyses (ForMoRe). The workshop was organised by the Social Pattern Recognition Lab (SPaRe Lab) and by the Hans Schadee Methods Center (HSC). The workshop took place on November 20, 2023 in Trento, Italy.