Postdoc Position in Logic, Knowledge Representation and Cognition at the Department of Antiquity, Philosophy and History, University of Genova

3 Years full-time postdoc position in Logic, Knowledge Representation, and Cognition at University of Genova, Department of Antiquity, Philosophy, and History.


This research position is within the Project BRIO – BIAS, RISK, OPACITY in AI: design, verification and development of Trustworthy AI, 

Italian national research project (PRIN), see

The aim of the project is to study the possible biases of AI-based technologies and to design logical knowledge bases that promote transparency and explainability of AI-based systems and applications.

In particular, the postdoc will be working with the local team of the project BRIO (Marcello Frixione and Daniele Porello). The research activity of the postdoc includes (but is not limited to) the following directions: 

1) An analysis of the cognitive models of concepts and classification to study the cognitive biases possibly occurring in the development of AI-based systems (e.g. in the assessment of ground truths and in the labelling of data); 

2) The design of computational logics that satisfy, as far as possible, the following desiderata:

i) they can represent and reason about the possible biases of AI-based systems,

ii) they can represent significant information involved in AI-based classifications,

iii) the knowledge bases written by means of such logics can be presented in a format accessible to non-expert users.

The starting suggested methodology here is within the areas of Knowledge Representation, Description Logics, and Applied Ontology.

The postdoc activity is expected to: 

1) Advance the two research directions,

2) Interact with the other units of the project BRIO (CNR-Trento and UNIMI in particular),

3) Present research results at international venues,

4) Publish research results in international journals,

5) Support the organisation of scientific events related to the project.

This is a research position, there are no teaching duties. Teaching activities at various levels can be arranged, if the researcher requests it. 



– Master in Logic, Knowledge Representation, Computer Science, AI, Philosophy or related subjects (see

– A PhD (near completion) on topics related to Logic, Knowledge Representation, AI, Applied Ontology, Cognitive Science. 

The ideal candidate is familiar with topics related to some of the following fields:

– Description Logics,

– Applied Ontology,

– Computational Logics,

– Semantic Web,

– Knowledge Representation,

– Cognitive Models of Concepts and Classification,

– Machine Learning.

Moreover, the ideal candidate has a strong record of international publications in the fields related to the topics of the project.


The deadline for application is on the 

28th of November 2022 at 12.00. 

(The deadline is strictplease note that late applications cannot be processed). 

Please follow very carefully the instructions available on the official call, which is published at

The call is linked at the following paragraph of the page


79 assegni di ricerca

Bando DR 4715 del 28.10.2022
scadenza 28.11.2022 – ore 12.00


Note that the University of Genoa is opening 79 positions with deadline 28.11.2022, our postdoc is the “programma di ricerca” number 56:

Modelli cognitivi per la rappresentazione della conoscenza” 

of the document Bando DR 4715 del 28.10.2022


Deadline 28.11.2022 at 12.00

Interviews 13.12.2022, starting at 16:00.


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