BRIO x Alkemy [en]

BRIOxAlkemy is the outcome of the partnership between Alkemy and BRIO. The Alkemy’s team responsible for this project is the Deep Learning and Big Data Department (DL&BD), an internal innovation team of the Alkemy group.

The aim of the collaboration between BRIO and Alkemy is to produce software applications for the analysis of bias, risk and opacity with regard to AI technologies which often rely on non-deterministic computations and  are often opaque in nature. One of the most challenging aspects of modern AI systems, indeed, is that they do not guarantee specification correctness, and they are not transparent, in the sense that a general formal description of their behaviour might not be available.

The first developed system is a tool for the detection and analysis of biased behaviours in AI systems. The tool is aimed at developers and data scientists that wish to test their algorithms relying on probabilistic and learning mechanisms in order to detect misbehaviours related to biases and collect data about them. The ultimate goal is to provide them with useful insights and data for the improvement of the AI systems with respect to bias.

Git repo

A typical scenario where the tool can help is the following: consider a database containing details of individuals, with their age, gender, and level of education. Consider an algorithm which tries to predict whether each of them is likely to default on credit. The user wishes to check if age is a sensitive factor in such prediction. The user feeds the tool our dataset, the output of the run of the predictive algorithm, and mark the feature of age as sensitive. Currently the tool allows the user to compare either how the behaviour of the algorithm with respect to age differs from an “optimal” behaviour (in this case, the user might consider optimal the case where each age group equally succeeds), or how different age groups perform with respect to one another.

Watch the YouTube video for a preview of the functionalities of the system: