Postdoc in Logic at LUCI-UNIMI

1 Year (renewable) post-doc position in Logic within the Logic, Uncertainty, Computation and Information (LUCI) Group, Department of Philosophy, University of Milan.

This project aims to develop logics for the verification of properties of interest in the development and use of machine learning systems in Artificial Intelligence. In particular, the aim is to develop methods for demonstrating or verifying models that simulate the probabilistic structures underlying supervised, unsupervised and/or reinforcement learning methods and to check for biases and assess their risks.

The project activities consist of:

1) Formulation of multi-agent models and/or probabilistic deductive reasoning checking for forms of bias and risk
2) Presentation of scientific results at international conferences
3) Publication of research results in international journals
4) Supporting the organisation of scientific events

The ideal candidate has obtained a PhD in Logic or related field (Philosophy/AI/CS/Mathematics), with knowledge of least two of the following disciplines:

-proof theory and automated theorem proving
-temporal logic and model checking
-formal theories of computational trust
-formal models of bias and risk in AI

In addition, the ideal candidate has a great aptitude for teamwork, with good organisational skills.


The deadline for application is on 09th September 2022 at 23:59 CET (strict – please note that late applications cannot be considered). Please follow carefully the instructions available here