Cases, Materials and News on European Civil Procedure

Civil procedure in and outside the EU – Northwestern European perspectives

The project investigates how the law of the European Union and legal developments within the EU influences national civil procedure in countries in and outside the EU. European civil procedure impacts national civil procedure in at least four different ways: through regulation of fundamental procedural rights, through secondary law of a procedural character, through “invisible” measures such as case law of the European Court of Justice, and secondary law regulating procedural law and through soft law measures. All four types of European influences have a direct or indirect – sometimes even foundational – impact on national civil procedure law. The impact extends even to countries outside the EU, such as Norway. Through the Agreemen

The project seeks primarily to discuss the impact of selected aspects of EU law on national civil procedure in Northwestern European countries, Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Finland, Sweden and Norway, some of which are EU Member States. It raises the question how and why the national legal systems in these countries respond differently to EU civil procedure law. Particular focus will be given to the question of the role of EU-membership and how cooperation and coordination in justice matter can be achieved regardless of membership.


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