Cases, Materials and News on European Civil Procedure

Studies and Projects – Research Institute on Judicial Systems (IRSIG-CNR)

Studies and Research


Handle with Care – Assessing and designing methods for evaluation and development of the quality of justice – European Commission DG Justice – 2016-2017


Pro-CODEX — Connecting legal practitioners national applications with e-CODEX infrastructure (web pages) – European Commission DG Justice  – 2016-2018


API – Application Programming Interface for Justice – European Commission DG Justice  – 2016-2017


Technical assistance


Partnership with the IT General Directorate of the Ministry of Justice

Tecnical assistance on international actions of IT General Directorate, such as scientific analysis, studies and research activities requested by the projects.


Saturn Group — Centre for time management — European Commission for the Efficency of Justice — Council of Europe (CEPEJ)

Studies, workgroups, reports, development and shareing of ideas and tools for time reduction in judicial proceedings



– CEPEJ — “Support to Efficiency of Justice (SEJ)” — “Analyses of Court Organisation and Court Administrators’ Capacities”



Norway Grants-CEPEJ — Proposal and solution on time reduction in civil proceedings



European Union – CEPEJ – “Strengthening democratic reform in the southern Neighbourhood, Support to the Jordanian authorities in improving the quality and efficiency of the Jordanian justice system”



Norway Grants – CEPEJ — Technical assistance to develop a new integrated information system of the Romanian judicial system (ECRIS).

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