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SaveComp Project – Collection and development of best practices in cross border cases for the survival of distressed companies

Save Comp. Collection and development of best practices in cross border cases for the survival of distressed companies, Co-Funded by the Action grants to support judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters JUST/2014/JCOO/AG/CIVI/7693 of the European Union

Following a practical comparative international methodology, the goal of the Project is to collect and exchange best practices in the field of insolvency and pre-insolvency cross-border proceedings, so to help office holders in insolvency proceedings to better coordinate and implement international cooperation, thus enhancing management of multiple proceedings, reoganisation of companies and the protection of creditors and interests of stakeholders.

The Project aims at collecting best practices, rules of PIL and case law in insolvency and pre-insolvency cross-border proceedings at the domestic level, so to disseminate these first results. Moreover, the Project aims to compare the domestic best practices (either already followed in the MSs involved in the research, or suggested by the Partners) so as to possibly develop and exchange best practices which might be of use in cross-border proceedings.

The Project has started in February 2016 and will last 24 months.

Type of persons benefiting from the project

A) EU insolvency and pre-insolvency office holders (accountants, lawyers, judges, notaries), who will directly benefit from the enhanced cross-border cooperation;

B) companies, who will benefit from the enhanced cooperation in terms of better reorganization, quicker recovery;

C) creditors and stakeholders, who will benefit of the enhanced cooperation in terms of quicker recovery of their credit.

The Project foresees conferences

Further information of the conferences will be available on this website, and on the website of the organizing Partners.

The questionnaire will be available on this website.


The final output, an ebook collecting the results of the Project, comprising national reports of the involved MS and a commentary to the relevant applicable rules of private international law in light of possible best practices to overcome issues in the cross-border management of insolvency and pre-insolvency proceedings, will also be freely available online.

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