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Welcome to the website on European Civil Procedure! Its goal is to keep academics, professionals, students and all those involved in cross-border litigation in Europe updated about current trends and recent developments in legislation, case law and literature in this area, as well as to create an open educational resource and possibly promote scientific partnerships among Universities, Centres of Research and Institutions active in the field.

This website has been set up within the Jean Monnet Module on European Civil Procedure in a Comparative and Transnational Perspective, a teaching and research project funded by the EU and hosted by the Department of Italian and Supranational Public Law, Università degli Studi in Milan (scientific coordinator Prof. Albert Henke).

Whoever intends to contribute to its development in addition to commenting the posts (i.e. by sending his/her own publications, informing and/or reporting about any relevant initiative or event within or beyond his/her jurisdiction related to the area of EUCP) will be more than welcome. 

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