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European Union / Council of Europe joint programme “Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Turkey”, Theme I: Ensuring Justice, Project “Strengthening the Quality and Efficiency of Justice in Albania” (SEJ 2)


  • 1st July 2016- 31 June 2018

Overall objective

  • The Action aims at implementing recommendations stemming from the previous project (SEJ) to improve further the efficiency and the quality of the public service of justice delivered to the Albanian citizens by the court system in accordance with European standards and in the context of the on-going reform process of the judiciary.

Specific objective

  • The first specific objective is to enhance the efficiency of the justice system on judicial statistics and improve time management with:
  • Additional support to enhance the capacity of beneficiaries to improve the collection and analysis of reliable statistical data for policy making in accordance with CEPEJ methodology and tools, in particular the SATURN Guidelines;
  • The implementation of priority recommendations made in SEJ Court Coaching Programmes with practical and targeted projects, particularly on judicial time management, within selected courts;
  • Support to the School of Magistrates for the development of new curricula for judicial and administrative staff;
  • Targeted contributions, when requested, to the justice reform in Albania by assisting the interlocutors throughout its implementation.
  • The second specific objective is to further enhance the quality of service by courts, with:
  • Court Coaching Programmes in view of building the capacity of courts to deliver a better justice service in accordance with CEPEJ quality tools such as the quality checklist and users’satisfaction surveys.
    Support to the School of Magistrates for the development of new curricula to include topics on the quality of justice;

Main beneficiaries and partners

  • Ministry of Justice, High Council of Justice, Judicial Inspectorate, Courts, School of Magistrates, Office for the Administration of the Judicial Budget, Office of the Prosecutor General

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