Cases, Materials and News on European Civil Procedure

Conference “Frontiers in Civil Justice”, Erasmus University Rotterdam

In the context of the ERC-Consolidator Research Project ‘Building EU Civil Justice: Challenges of Procedural Innovations – Bridging Access to Justice’, the Erasmus School of Law organizes the conference “Frontiers in Civil Justice”, which will take place at Erasmus University Rotterdam on 16 and 17 November 2020.  The conference will address four key issues in civil justice, which […]

The 50th Anniversary of the European Law of Civil Procedure – B. Hess, K. Lenaerts (eds.), V. Richad (co-ed.)

The book “The 50th Anniversary of the European Law of Civil Procedure” stems from the international conference to mark the 50th anniversary of the Brussels Convention on jurisdiction and the enforcement of judgments of 1968, organised by the Court of Justice of the European Union and the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg and held on 27–28 September 2018 in Luxembourg (Grande Salle d’Audience […]

ELI-UNIDROIT Model European Rules of Civil Procedure Approved by ELI Bodies

On 15 July and 5 August 2020, respectively, the ELI Council and the ELI Membership have approved the ELI-UNIDROIT Model European Rules of Civil Procedure. The ELI and UNIDROIT aimed at adapting the American Law Institute-UNIDROIT Principles of Transnational Civil Procedure, published in 2004, to a European perspective in order to develop Model European Rules […]

Jean Monnet Module on “Multilevel, Mutiparty and Multisector Cross-Border Litigation in Europe” 2020-2023 – Università degli Studi, Milan

Prof. Albert Henke (Università degli Studi, Milan), has been awarded the EU-funded Jean Monnet Module on “Multilevel, Mutiparty and Multisector Cross-Border Litigation in Europe”, a three-year teaching and research project, which will focus, in the period 2020-2023, on 3 main areas: A) Relations and conflicts between national courts, European courts and international tribunals. B) Cross-border […]

Modernising judicial cooperation across borders: Presidency and Parliament reach provisional agreement on the taking of evidence and the service of documents regulations – 30 June 2020

The EU is working to modernise cross-border exchanges between authorities through digitalisation to improve judicial cooperation in civil and commercial matters. The Council Presidency and the European Parliament today reached a provisional agreement on two amended regulations, one on the taking of evidence and a second on the service of documents. The provisional agreement now […]

Il giudice tra ideale e realtà – Webinar, Università degli Studi di Milano – 25 giugno 2020, ore 15.00 – 18.00

In occasione della presentazione del volume Renato Rordorf, Magistratura giustizia società, Cacucci Editore, Bari 2020, la Prof.ssa Barbara Randazzo (Unimi), introduce e coordina il webinar sul tema: “Il giudice tra ideale e realtà”, con interventi, tra gli altri, di Valerio Onida, Martina Flamini, Massimo Luciani, Edmondo Bruti Liberati, Giorgio Lattanzi, Guido Raimondi, Sophie Turenne, Vladimiro […]

Draft Working Text for A Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement between the United Kingdom and The European Union – Text made public

The UK negotiating team shared a draft text with the Task Force for Relations with the United Kingdom as a draft negotiating document, that is, to be shared among negotiating teams only, in line with the provisions of the Terms of Reference. Draft Working Text Exchange of letters between the two chief negotiators (EU Chief […]

IP Minister confirms UK’s non-participation in the Unitary Patent and in the Unified Patent Court – Letter on 24 March 2020

The UK IP Minister, Amanda Solloway, in a letter dated 24 March 2020, in reply to a request from the House of Lords EU Justice Sub-Committee’s Chair, confirmed that “the Government will not be seeking the UK’s continued participation in the Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court.”  The reasons for that decision lies in the fact that: […]

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