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The Master Algant is a two-year 2nd cycle university course of study in pure mathematics, with a strong emphasis on Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory, which is offered to all interested students since September 2004 in the framework of the Algant Consortium. Every student participating in the Algant Master will study two years and will be able to obtain a double degree: this is a diploma from the hosting institutions and a diploma supplement mentioning the Algant track. There are opportunities for a joint doctoral program as well. For updated info and deadlines keep looking at

For further key info look at the relevant sublinks to the Algant Home Page. For example, see Algant Course for information on your studies within the Algant network. Another useful link is Student Schengen Visa for those students who are not citizens of any European country yet still wish to come and study in Europe. Students from all over the world are welcome in Milano!

Algant Milano: foreign students

“F. Enriques” Department of Mathematics’ staff comprises leading specialists in Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory. For Milano Algant Master Courses, etc. see the pages linked here below:

For doctoral studies in Milano see the following pages:

For any further question regarding Milano in the Algant network please make use of Milano Contact Email

Algant Milano: studenti italiani

L’orientamento Algant della Laurea Magistrale è anche un corso di studi integrato che consente di ottenere un doppio titolo. Gli studenti italiani interessati all’iscrizione devono presentare una domanda di ammissione seguendo le indicazioni e scadenze anche pubblicate al sito Algant principale. Per ulteriori informazioni potete scrivere una Email

Algant Consortium

The ALGANT consortium consists of the following partners: