Algant Graduation 2019


MILANO 14 – 17 July 2019

This year, the Graduation Days for the ALGANT students will be in Milan, from July 14th to July 17th .


Department of Mathematics “Federigo Enriques”, Via Saldini 50, 20133 Milano


How to reach the Department
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  • Sunday, July 14th 2019
    • 07:30pm – informal dinner (academic & administrative staff)
  • Monday, July 15th 2019
    • 09:00am – arrival of participants
    • 09:30am – thesis defense/presentation
    • 01:00pm – lunch break (students, academic & administrative staff)
    • 02:15-05:00pm – thesis defense/presentation
    • 08:00pm – dinner at Ristorante Charmant (academic & administrative staff)
  • Tuesday, July 16th 2019
    • 09:30am – thesis defense/presentation
    • 01:00pm – lunch break (students, academic & administrative staff)
    • 02:15pm – consortium meeting (academic & administrative staff)
    • 08:30pm – graduation dinner at Grani&Braci (students, academic & administrative staff)
  • Wednesday, July 17th 2019
    • 09:30am – arrival of guests
    • 10:00am – graduation ceremony
    • 01:00pm – graduation lunch (students, guests, academic & administrative staff)

PLEASE NOTE: for the cultural activity you will receive an email

Defenses and presentations schedule

Where: Sala di Rappresentanza

  • Monday, July 15th 2019
    • 09:30am – MAZORRA Bruno “Algebraic unknotting number”
    • 09:55am – KAZI Ananyo “p-adic Modular Forms”
    • 10:20am – PROSEPE Ilaria “Digits of expansions of algebraic numbers”
    • 10:45am – OGUNDIPE Yusuff Ayobami “Error-Correcting Codes from Toric Varieties”
    • 11:10am – SHORT BREAK
    • 11:30am – TERENZI Luca “Monodromy of l-adic Local Systems”
    • 11:55am – CHASSAING-MONJOU Adrien “Formal Groups and p-adic Analysis”
    • 12:20am – LOWZOW Cathrine “On Quantum CSS-codes constructed by Cayley graphs”
    • 01:00pm – LUNCH BREAK
    • 02:15pm – AMAGNE ALEGA Marie Christine “On Quasi-cyclic codes as a generalization of cyclic codes”
    • 02:40pm – FRUTTIDORO Martina “Modular functions obtained from modular polynomials”
    • 03:05pm – MASTELLA Luca “On the Siegel Moduli Space with Parahoric Level Structure”
    • 03:30am – SHORT BREAK
    • 03:55pm – NJAH Rahinatou “Elliptic Curves and the Lenstra algorithm”
    • 04:15pm – PICCOLO Margherita “On the 16-rank of class groups of Q (\sqrt{-3p}) for primes p congruent to 1 modulo 4”
    • 04:40pm – STOJKOVIC Simon “Introduction to p-adic Hodge Theory”
  • Tuesday, July 16th 2019
    • 09:30am – WU Ju-Feng “Arithmetic Aspects of Siegel Modular Forms”
    • 09:55am – PERISSINOTTO Flavio “On the Eichler-Selberg trace formula: an algebraic proof”
    • 10:20am – MATEO SEGURA Pablo “Cohomology of Commutative Rings and the Cotangent Complex”
    • 10:45am – SHORT BREAK
    • 11:05am – PRANDINI Alberto “On Weyl’s construction and Schur-Weyl duality for the symplectic group”
    • 11:30am – TAAMS Sander “Mumford Curves”
    • 11:55am – ATALAYE Joseph “Crystallography groups and Margulis spacetime”
    • 01:00pm – LUNCH

Graduation ceremony

Where: Palazzo Greppi, Sala Napoleonica – Università degli Studi di Milano, Via S. Antonio 12, 20122 Milano

Master of ceremony: Peter Stevenhagen

Speakers: TBA


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Hotel and accomodation

Hotel Viva Milano
Hotel Dieci
Hotel Citta Studi

Restaurants and food

A small selection of places near the Dipartimento:


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