The main rules to get a master degree at the Università degli Studi di Milano for Algant’s students are the following.

Every Algant student must earn

  • 60 credits in the first year to get to the second year
  • 90 credits in order to get to the graduation
  • 120 credits to get a master degree

In particular, every student must take at least:

  • 60 credits by courses in Algebra, Geometry & Number Theory, that is in MAT/02-03, of which
    • 18 credits by fundamental courses such as Commutative Algebra, Complex or Algebraic Geometry or Representation Theory and/or Number Theory from Tab 1A in MAT/01-02-03-04-05
    • 12 credits by advanced courses from Tab 2A in MAT/01-02-03-04-05
  • 6 credits by courses in Applied Mathematics or Mathematical Physics such as Numerical Algebra or Numerical Analysis or Code Theory or Dynamical Systems, that is from courses in Tabs 1A or 2A in MAT/06-07-08-09
  • 3 credits holding a brief seminar, that is an extra seminar of yours and/or the active participation to the Algant Summer School and/or a TER (= Travaux d’étude et de recherche).

Remaining credits (up to 90) are free. The master thesis counts for 30 credits. Language courses can be recognized as additional (to the 120) credits. The main authority for teaching matters is the Board of the Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Matematica. All teaching activities are in the framework of the Dipartimento di Matematica “Federigo Enriques”See also the following pages

  • Manifesto 2015/16 Curriculum A for the Tabs of courses of the current academic year as well as their MAT/xx classification: courses of Algant partners with similar programs are recognized as courses of the Tabs;
  • Course Listing for the full list of graduate courses of the current academic year and links to their programs;
  • Classes Timetable for the schedules of the fall & spring semesters.