Graduation 2011


ALgebra, Geometry And Number Theory



MILANO 5 – 8 July 2011

This year, the graduation ceremony for the ALGANT sutdents will be in Milan, from July 5th to July 8th.


Department of Mathematics

Via Saldini, 50

I-20133 Milano


How to reach the Department

Map Algant Graduation 2011

Department Home Page

Algant Milano Home Page


  • Tuesday, July 5th 2011
    • 2-4pm: arrival of participants/registration
    • 5pm: pre-meeting
  • Wednesday, July 6th 2011
    • 9:30am: consortium meeting (academic & administrative staff)
    • 2:30pm: thesis defense/presentation
  • Thursday, July 7th 2011
    • 10am: thesis defense/presentation
    • 3pm: thesis defense/presentation & administrative meeting (administrative staff)
  • Friday, July 8th 2011
    • 9:30am: graduation ceremony
    • 1pm: cocktail

Defenses and presentations schedule

Where: Sala di Rappresentanza

  • Wednesday, July 6th 2011
    • 2:30pm: ASTOLFI Andrea “Proving permutations in zero knowledge”
    • 3pm: BOJKOVIC Velibor “Arithmetic properties of E-functions and E-operators”
    • 3:30pm: BONG Novi Herawati “Graphs with large girth based on quaternions and octonions”
    • 4pm: CALLIARI Davide “Reconstruction of cubic surfaces”
    • 4:30pm: CAVIGLIA Giovanni “The fundamental groupoid of a topos”
    • 5pm: LAZZARINI Giovanni “On universally optimal configuration of points”
    • 5:30pm: DMYTRYSHYN Andrii “A strong Tits alternative”
    • 6pm: CHINELLO Gianmarco “On the affine Schur algebra of GL(n) over a p-adic field”
  • Thursday, July 7th 2011
    • 10am: BALKANOVA Olga “On SL_2(Z) and SL_3(Z) Kloosterman sums”
    • 10:30am: FERRAGUTI Andrea “Galois representations attached to type (1,\chi) modular forms”
    • 11am: GALA Francesca “Heegner points on X_0(N)”
    • 11:30am: LIU Junjiang “On Bilu’s theorem”
    • 12 noon: MATTIELLO Francesco “On the heart associated to a faithful torsion pair”
    • 3pm: OLIVETTO Rene “On the sup-norm of holomorphic cusp forms”
    • 3:30pm: RAMOS PEON Alexandre “Propagation of holomorphic extendability”
    • 4pm: SAHA Jyoti Prakash “The algebraic p-adic L-function for GL_2(\Q)”
    • 4:30pm: TURCHETTI Daniele “Harmonic functions on non-archimedean analytic curves”
    • 5pm: ZHUANG Weidong “Hasse-Weil zeta-functions in a special case”
    • 5:30pm: HERNANDEZ MADA Genaro “Monodromy representation of constructible sheaves”
    • 6pm: CEVALLOS Alfonso

Graduation ceremony

Where: Aula Chisini

Master of ceremony: Boas Erez, Algant Coordinator


  • Marco Peloso, Vice Director of the Mathematics Department, Milan University
  • Marino Regini, Pro Rector Milan University
  • Maria Daniela Candia, Erasmus Delegate, Milan University
  • Mariella Enoc, Vice President Cariplo Foundation
  • Chunyu Liang, President of Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association (EMA)
  • A representative of one or two of the Algant Consortium members
  • A representative of the Algant students


In the basement of the building there is a computer lab. The username and password needed to login will be given by the organizers.

You can also use the eduroam network, if your home institution is a part of it. The instructions for connecting are HERE.

Hotel and accomodations

Group reservations will be available through Bordeaux 1

Campus Martinitt

More info here. Campus Martinitt requires a week stay and is indicated for students. For transportation to and from the Department, the best option is Bus 54 from the stop at V.le Argonne/Via Da Cortona to the stop at Via Pitteri/Via Rubattino.

Hotel Citta Studi

There is a special ALGANT rate: a single for 88.00 euro/night and 121.00 euro/night for a double.

Restaurants and food

A small selection of places near the Dipartimento:

  • Caffe Charmant, Via Giuseppe Colombo 42
  • Union Club, Via Moretto da Brescia 36
  • Ristorante Pizzeria Il Doge Di Amalfi, Via Sangallo 41
  • Ristorante Pizzeria Il Moro 3 via C. Forlanini 1 (angolo Via Aselli)

See the map Algant Graduation 2011 larger