Mobility Schemes  All ALGANT students aiming at a double degree must spend their study period in two of the ALGANT partner countries. Mobility within ALGANT consists of one year of study at two ALGANT partners that are not located in the same country. The mobility scheme will be reviewed every year, i.e. each academic year along with the review of the student agreement.

Algant Scholarships  In ALGANT the amount of a full-study scholarship is variable. It is higher for Third-Country master students than for European master students and can be further reduced (to zero!) for those interested students (European or not) that have applied for the ALGANT master course and have been selected by the ALGANT commission. All selected students shall be meeting the requirements of ALGANT excellence. A certain number of ALGANT scholarships will be reserved for Third-Country students planning to study in Europe and to European students who visit a Third-Country ALGANT partner. The exact number of ALGANT scholarships will be determined every academic year.

Degree Delivery  The double degree is fully recognized by the relevant authorities of the countries concerned. University of Milan guarantee the award, on behalf of the ALGANT Consortium, of double degrees to all successful students having acquired at least 30 ECTS and passed at least one exam in Milan.  An ALGANT student might actually work on his/her research project at any institution setting up a convention through the ALGANT Consortium, provided that this work is performed under the (joint) supervision of a member of the second year partner hosting institution.