Academic year 2014/2015
Fall Term Semester Spring Term Semester
Core of ALGANT courses
Commutative Algebra* (◊)
Prof. L. Barbieri Viale 35
Prof. F. Andreatta 34
Analytic Number Theory (†)
Prof. G. Molteni 42
Complex Manifolds*
Prof. B. Van Geemen 42
Algebraic Surfaces (†)
Prof. A. Lanteri 42
Category Theory
Prof. S. Mantovani 42
Homological Algebra (†)
Prof. L. Barbieri Viale 42
Projective Algebraic Geometry
Prof. M.na Bertolini 42
Representation Theory
Prof. M. Bianchi 48
Algebraic Topology
Prof. G. Bini 42
Group Theory
Prof. M. Bianchi 42
Complementary ALGANT courses
Dynamical Systems (†)
Prof. A. Giorgilli 42
Numerical Linear Algebra (λ)
Prof. L. F. Pavarino 36 + 24λ
Mathematical Logic (λ)
Prof. S. Ghilardi 38 + 12λ
Differential Geometry (†)
Prof. M. Rigoli 42
  Complex Analysis (◊)
Prof. M. Salvatori 42
Prof. L. Veseley 22

All courses are 6 credits minimum. Courses marked with * are mandatory for first-year students.
Courses marked with (∴) are 9 credits and with (◊) are available as 6 + 3 credits.
Courses marked with (†) are 6 credits advanced courses on a specific topic.
Courses with (λ) are with Lab. Numbers are hour lectures.