Incoming Erasmus+ Students (in English)

Please see first the Erasmus+ Incoming Students web page of the Università degli Studi di Milano.

If you are looking at this website, you are probably interested in a stay at the Mathematics Department of the University of Milan in the framework of the Erasmus+ program. At the mentioned Erasmus+ Incoming Students web page you will find useful information concerning administrative matters as well as practicalities about life in Milano — note that they can also help you with housing and they will be able to assist you concerning all other administrative issues. Erasmus+ central offices at the University of Milan can be contacted writing to

Here we provide some information about the Department of Mathematics “F. Enriques”.

You are quite surely interested in knowing more about the courses we offer; following this link B.Sc. courses you will be able to browse the list of undergraduate courses  (“laurea triennale” in Italian). Graduate courses (“laurea magistrale” in Italian) are available by browsing from the following link  M.Sc. courses.

Note that some M.Sc. courses are not offered every year; the list of courses offered will have been announced by the time you submit your Learning Agreement.

Please note that all M.Sc. courses will be given in English if required by at least one student.

If you are towards the end of your studies you might also be interested in knowing more about the research activities in our Department; in any case you might wish to have a look at the list of professors (with links to web pages and mail contacts). You are welcome to contact the professors of our Department for info on their teaching & scientific activity: please use the Email you see at the list of teaching staff.

The contact persons for general matters are the members of the Mathematics Erasmus+ Committee.