Standing Group on the European Union


The Standing Group on the European Union (SGEU) is broad based standing group affiliated to the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR).

Created in 1995 to promote co-ordination and collaboration among political scientists interested in the blooming area of research on the European Union, SGEU main activities covers

  • the organization of biannual pan-European conferences on the politics of the European Union,
  • the sponsoring of summer schools on any aspects related to the politics of the European Union,
  • the organization and sponsoring of workshops, panels and sessions at the ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops, the ECPR General Conference, and any major political science conference,
  • the maintenance of a mailing list, a news service and a website.

Although primarily a group of political scientists, SGEU also fosters multidisciplinary collaboration across any social science discipline, including anthropology, economics, law, sociology, and social psychology, with a substantive focus on the European Union.

The standing group is open to individuals in ECPR member institutions as well as those from non-ECPR institutions.

The standing group is led by a Steering Committee. It meets at the biannual pan-European conference on the politics of the European Union and at the ECPR General Conference.

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