Current students

Hereinafter you can find the list of the current students. If you are looking for forms or other resources for current students, please have a look at this page.

Starting from the 35th cycle, two different curriculum where included: “Earth System: Processes and Modelling” (icon ) and “Georesources” (icon ).

When the grant is partially funded by non-standard university funds, this is specified with following icons/acronyms:

38th cycle

  1. Alessandro DE LEO
    tutor: Federico FARINA; co-tutor: Massimo TIEPOLO
    project title: Mechanism of formation of LCT pegmatites: the Eastern Brazilian Pegmatite Province.
  2. Stefano GALLI 352
    tutor: Gianluca FIANDACA; co-tutor: Mauro GIUDICI
    project title: LakEMaging – ElectroMagnetic imaging of Lake outflows.
  3. Sara MONICO
    tutor: Nicoletta MARINONI; G.Diego GATTA
    project title: Gem-quality microcristalline materials. Investigation of their color origin by conventional and advanced analytical methods.
  4. Andrea PEZZOTTA
    tutor: Andrea ZERBONI; Michele ZUCALI
    project title: Disentangling tectonic- and climate-driven processes in the evolution of Quaternary riverscapes. A fresh approach integrating field survey, remote sensing and geomorphometry into Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning.
  5. Stefano PICCIN
    tutor: Simone TUMIATI; Paola TARTAROTTI
    project title: Fluid–rock and melt–rock interactions in high-pressure and high-temperature metamorphism: a focus on the Mt. Duria area (Central Alps).
  6. Francesco SCUDERI 352
    tutor: Francesco CECINATO; co-tutor: Tiziana APUANI
    project title: Experimental, theoretical and numerical analysis of thermoactive micropiles.
  7. Giulia TAGLIABUE
    tutor: Luca TROMBINO; co-tutor: Cristina CATTANEO
    project title: Soil Analysis in Forensic Taphonomy: Contributing to the Investigation of Clandestine Graves.

37th cycle

  1. Giulia AMAGLIO
    tutor: Maria Rose PETRIZZO
    project title: Population dynamics and geochemistry of foraminifera to interpret the paleoceanographic changes across the Cenomanian-Turonian Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 at low and high latitudes.
    tutor: Fernando CAMARA ARTIGAS
    project title: The interplay between cation ordering and elasticity of omphacites to unravel PTt paths of metamorphic rocks.
  3. Fabiola CASO
    tutor: Michele ZUCALI
    project title: Influenza del gradiente di deformazione nel comportamento di elementi strategici (Li, REE) durante metamorfismo di HT e fusione: approccio integrato microstrutturale e geochimico.
  4. Francesco DAUTI pon
    tutor: Gianluca FIANDACA
    project title: IPRaMa: Induced Polarization for Raw Materials.
  5. Ilaria DE ROSA pon
    tutor: Tiziana APUANI
    project title: Resin injections treatment in contaminated soils.
  6. Marco GEROLA pon
    tutor: Francesco CECINATO
    project title: Experimental and numerical analysis of the behaviour of thermoactive sheet pile walls.
  7. Daniele INVERNIZZI
    tutor: Fabrizio FELLETTI
    project title: Multi-disciplinary approach to model clastic systems as outcrop analogue: the links between processes and architecture.
  8. Federica LANGONE
    tutor: Francesca FORNI; co-tutor: Federico FARINA
    project title: Evoluzione di grandi reservoir magmatici e genesi delle ignimbriti ad essi associate.
  9. Alice LUCCHELLI pon
    tutor: Daniele PEDRETTI; co-tutor: Gianluca FIANDACA
    project title: MountainHydro.
  10. Giulia Federica MASSINELLI
    tutor: Prof. Nicoletta MARINONI; co-tutor: Diego G. GATTA
    project title: Quantitative evaluation of the consolidating effects induced by inorganic mineral treatments applied on porous carbonate stone surfaces.
  11. Giulia MORABITO
    tutor: Diego G. GATTA; co-tutor: Nicoletta MARINONI
    project title: Development of a new non-invasive archeometric approach to investigate decorated ceramics.
  12. Alessandro SIGNORA pon
    tutor: Gianluca FIANDACA; co-tutor: Alessandro COMUNIAN
    project title: HydrogeosITe.
  13. Marco VIARETTI
    tutor: Lucia ANGIOLINI
    project title: Biomineralizzazione e cambiamento globale: la risposta degli organismi alla glaciazione Gondwaniana e al successivo riscaldamento climatico.

36th cycle

  1. Tommaso BATTISTON
    tutor: Diego GATTA
    project title: Erionite: Crystal-chemistry, properties and utilizations.
  2. Chiara BETTONI
    tutor: Cinza BOTTINI
    project title: The role of extreme paleoenvironmental conditions on nannoplankton carbonate production: case studies from the Cretaceous.
  3. Alessandro Paolo CARNITI
    project title: Mississippian mud mounds of Derbyshire (England, UK): facies architecture and biotic evolution.
  4. Andrea CITRINI
    tutor: Corrado CAMERA; co-tutor: Giovanni BERETTA
    project title: Management of multiple and concurrent use of water resources in an Alpine environment under climate change.
  5. Jacopo MELADA
    tutor: Mauro GIUDICI
    project title: Development of a thermal vision system through solar loading thermography: development of an experimental setup and of a data processing procedure through deep learning for the characterization and early risk warning related to cliff monitoring and cultural heritage conservation.
  6. Andrea MORCIONI
    tutor: Tiziana APUANI
    project title: Studies on the thermo-hydro-mechanical behavior of rock masses in the context of climate change.
  7. Serena PERINI
    tutor: Giovanni MUTTONI
    project title: Magnetochronology of early hominin occupation of North Africa and southern Europe.

35th cycle

  1. Giulia CASIRAGHI
    tutor: Daniele PEDRETTI; co-tutor: Giovanni BERETTA
    project title: Combining geochemical and numerical modelling for chlorinated solvents groundwater contamination.
  2. Angelica MOSCONI
    tutor: Massimo TIEPOLO
    project title: Multiscale geochemical study of the processes involved in crustal growth.