Among the lines of implementation of the project (highly qualifying activities, ADEQ) is the establishment of the curriculum of Geosciences in the PhD course in Earth Sciences from a.a. 2018-2019 passes to have two curricula:

Its objective is the development of scientific-technical skills dedicated to the understanding, quantification and modeling of the current Earth System and of the geological record, characterized by complex interactions between Geosphere, Biosphere, Atmosphere and Hydrosphere.

This curricula intends to pursue the development of innovative skills in relation to the global challenges arising from the growing needs of geo-resources. The research activities will focus on the broad spectrum of geological competences concerning the identification and exploitation of energy, mineral and water resources in respect of the landscape heritage. The objective is the formation of geologists with a high scientific-technical-experimental profile for the research, modeling and management of geo-resources and for the study and enhancement of the landscape and cultural heritage.