Admission requirements

Admitted Master’s degrees: LM-11 (Sciences for the conservation of cultural heritage), LM-17 (Physics), LM-18 (Informatics), LM-22 (Chemical engineering), LM-23 (Civil engineering), LM-27 (Telecommunications engineering), LM-29 (Electronic engineering), LM-30 (Energy and nuclear engineering), LM-32 (Computer engineering), LM-34 (Marine Engineering), LM-35 (Engineering for the environment and the territory), LM-40 (Mathematics), LM-48 (Urban planning and environmental planning), LM-53 (Materials science and engineering), LM-54 (Chemical Sciences), LM-58 (Sciences of the universe), LM-60 (Natural Sciences), LM-69 (Agricultural sciences and technologies), LM-71 (Science and technology of industrial engineering), LM-72 (Navigation sciences and technologies), LM-73 (Forest and environmental sciences and technologies), LM-74 (Geological sciences and technologies), LM-75 (Sciences and technologies for the environment and the territory), LM-79 (Geophysical Sciences), LM-82 Statistical Sciences or an equivalent qualification from a foreign University.

Admission procedure

  • Titles evaluation,
  • Oral colloquium (in Italian or English),
  • Research project.

Language (for the University of Milan, knowledge of at least level B2 of the English language or of any other language established in the call is required, subject to the basic knowledge of the English language).

For graduates from abroad the admission procedure is not different from that of candidates who graduated in Italy, but the interview can be held online.

Useful links

For more information, please visit the Doctoral research (PhD) program portal