Andrea Morcioni wins the “Digital Model Award 2023”

Andrea Morcioni, PhD student at the Department of Earth Sciences “A.Desio”, was rewarded by Harpaceas within the “Digital Model Award 2023” contest, category “Geotechnical computation – FLAC3D”, with a work entitled “La Frana di Piuro del 1618: modellazione numerica idro-meccanica con FLAC3D” (authors: Andrea Morcioni, Tiziana Apuani e Francesco Cecinato).

The price is awarded to research works where the advanced usage of specific software brings to the construction of advanced and innovative numerical models.

At this link you can find the interview to Andrea Morcioni during the Harpaceas Community Day.

PhD Thesis defence – Giulia Casiraghi e Angelica Mosconi

On Tuesday 25 July 2023 at 11:00 CEST, Giulia Casiraghi and Angelica Mosconi will defend their PhD theses, respectively entitled “Combining Geochemical and Numerical Modeling for Chlorinated Solvents Groundwater Contamination” and “Multiscale geochemical study of the Corno Alto complex (Adamello batolith)”. It is possible to attend their defenses in person at “Aula A” (Room A), via Botticelli 23, Department of Earth Sciences “Ardito Desio”,
University of Milan, or remotely on the Zoom platform, by clicking on the following link or by using the following
Meeting ID: 858 2369 1339
Passcode: 881692

Event flyer

Enrollment 2023/2024

It is now open the call for applications for the enrollment 2023/2024.

Hereinafter some important dates:
Opening of the admission procedure: from 27/06/2023 to 26/07/2023
Application for matriculation: from 25/09/2023 to 29/09/2023

More info can be found on the call and the corresponding attachments.

Alessandro Carniti wins the Edward Forbes Award 2023

Alessandro Carniti, PhD student of the 36th cycle, wins the prestigious price from the Paleontographical Society with his research work:

Carniti, A.P., Della Porta, G., Banks, V.J., Stephenson, M.H., and Angiolini, L. 2022. Brachiopod fauna from uppermost Visean (Mississippian) mud mounds in Derbyshire, UK. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 67 (4): 865–915.

The Edward Forbes Prize aims to recognize outstanding contributions by early career researchers in the field of taxonomic and systematic palaeontology (encompassing invertebrates, vertebrates, palaeobotany and microfossils).

PhD Thesis Defenses – Marco Cantaluppi, Lorenzo Magnani and Francesco Pagliaro

Monday the 17th of April starting 9:30, Marco Cantaluppi, Lorenzo Magnani and Francesco Pagliaro will defend their PhD Theses entitled respectively “Advanced mineralogical and crystallographical techniques for understanding transformation processes in natural materials and synthetica analogous”, “Lithium enrichment in anatectic pegmatites: new insights from the thermometamorphic aureole of the Adamello batholith” and “Crystal chemistry and physical-chemical behavior of REE-bearing phosphates and arsenates: the case study of Mt. Cervandone”..

You can attend their defenses in person in aula Stoppani, via Mangiagalli 34, Earth Sciences Department “A.Desio” of the University of Milan, or remotely thorough the Zoom platform by following  this link.

PhD Thesis Defense – Luca Forti

Thursday the 20th of April, starting from 11:30, Luca Forti will defend his PhD Thesis entitled “Geoachaeological and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the Holocene climate-environmental-human nexus in the Kurdistan region of Iraq”.

You can attend the defense in person in aula Stoppani, via Mangiagalli 34, Earth Sciences Department “A.Desio” of the University of Milan, or remotely thorough the Zoom platform by following this link (Meeting ID: 894 4498 2325, Passcode: 177932).

Doctorate Thesis Discussion – Arcangela Bollino

Wednesday the 22nd of February 2023 starting from 11:30 Arcangela Bollino will discuss her PhD Thesis entitled “Quasi static gravity signatures in slow tectonic zones: assimilation of novel aerospace data and geophysical modeling”.

You can attend the discussion in person (aula Di Napoli, Dep. of Earth Sciences, Via Mangiagalli 34, Milano) or remotely (with Zoom, using this link ).

PhD final dissertation by Ying-Li Wu

Tuesday the 22nd of November, at 12:00 it will take place the final PhD dissertation of Ying-Li Wu, belonging to the 34th cycle of the PhD in Earth Sciences.

The discussion will be in person in the meeting room at the 5° floor of the building located in via Mangiagalli 35, and remotely through the Zoom platform at the following link

meeing ID: 870 5158 0267
Passcode: 744378

Marco viaretti selected for the 2022 SPI scholarship for early-career paleontologists!

Marco Viaretti PhD student of the 37 cycle has been selected for one of the two 2022 SPI scholarship for early-career paleontologists (PhD students and Post-Doc researchers), an award of the Italian Paleontological Society (SPI), for a project entitled “Seasonal seawater pH variations in the Late Paleozoic – Boron isotopes from brachiopod shells as a paleo-proxy”. The award carries a monetary value of €2,000 to be used to support the research at the St. Andrews Isotope Geochemistry (STAiG) laboratory facilities of the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences of the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, UK in collaboration with Dr. Hana Jurikova.