The PhD program is hosted by the Department of Earth Sciences “A. Desio” , which is one of the 5 Departments of Excellence (law 232 of 11.12.2016) of Area 04 and one of the 8 departments of excellence of the University of Milan. Specifically, the Department won the financing with the project “The geosciences for the society: resources and their evolution”.

Thanks to the fund of the project, 7 PhD projects were funded for the 35th, 36th and 37th cycle. Hereinafter more details about the projects and the students involved:

  1. Fabiola CASO, 37th cycle
    tutor: Michele ZUCALI
    project title: Influenza del gradiente di deformazione nel comportamento di elementi strategici (Li, REE) durante metamorfismo di HT e fusione: approccio integrato microstrutturale e geochimico.
  2. Federica LANGONE, 37th cycle
    tutor: Francesca FORNI; co-tutor: Federico FARINA
    project title: Evoluzione di grandi reservoir magmatici e genesi delle ignimbriti ad essi associate.
  3. Giulia Federica MASSINELLI, 37th cycle
    tutor: Prof. Nicoletta MARINONI; co-tutor: Diego G. GATTA
    project title: Quantitative evaluation of the consolidating effects induced by inorganic mineral treatments applied on porous carbonate stone surfaces.
  4. Andrea CITRINI, 36th cycle
    tutor: Corrado CAMERA; co-tutor: Giovanni BERETTA
    project title: Management of multiple and concurrent use of water resources in an Alpine environment under climate change.
  5. Jacopo MELADA, 36th cycle
    tutor: Mauro GIUDICI
    project title: Development of a thermal vision system through solar loading thermography: development of an experimental setup and of a data processing procedure through deep learning for the characterization and early risk warning related to cliff monitoring and cultural heritage conservation.
  6. Marco CANTALUPPI, 35th cycle
    tutor: Marilena MARINONI
    project title: Advanced mineralogical and crystallographical techniques for undertanding trasformation processes in natural materials and synthetic analogues.
  7. Francesco PAGLIARO, 35th cycle
    tutor: Paolo LOTTI; co-tutor: Fernando CAMARA ARTIGAS
    project title: Minerogenesis, crystal chemistry and chemical-physical stability of REE-bearing minerals: the case study of Mount Cervandone.
  8. Sara GUERINI, 34th cycle
    tutor: Paola TARTAROTTI
    project title: Deformation-controlled remobilization of PGE, REE and Fluid-Mobile-Elements in ophiolites.
  9. Deborah SPARTA’, 34th cycle
    tutor: Patrizia FUMAGALLI, Stefano POLI
    project title: REE- bearing hydrous carbonatites systems at high pressure: an experimental study.