The Department of Medical Biotechnology and Translational Medicine (BIOMETRA) performs research activities in the fields of medical biotechnology and experimental and translational medicine, promoting related teaching activities. The qualifying goal of BIOMETRA activity is the synergy between basic and applied research with a markedly multidisciplinary approach made possible by the wide variety of its faculty members.

The SCALE-UP project, supported by a five-year grant from the Ministry of University and Research following the recognition of BIOMETRA as a ‘Department of Excellence’ in 2023, aims to enhance BIOMETRA‚Äôs distinctive features, based on a ‘ladder’ of 7 experimental models ranging from the molecular to the cellular level and from animal up to human models.

The general objective of SCALE-UP is to support the investigation of biological processes underlying patho-physiological mechanisms through the creation of 5 platforms at the service of the models: physical characterization, spatial omics, bioinformatics, imaging and genome editing.

To this aim, SCALE-UP has 4 specific objectives:

  • to implement advanced technologies for the analysis of omics data in their spatial context
  • to set up a bioinformatics unit for the analysis/integration of complex data
  • to coordinate and strengthen experimental models through departmental units
  • to transfer the acquired skills to teaching activities

SCALE-UP is designed to support key technological advancements in BIOMETRA and to improve both qualitatively and quantitatively scientific production, visibility, attractiveness and transfer capabilities in the educational field.