The development and application of technologies and methodologies for biomedical research envisaged by SCALE-UP constitute the main aggregating theme of BIOMETRA education, which is focused on the training of professional figures dedicated to experimental and translational medicine. In this context, Prof. Nicoletta Landsberger, coordinator of the didactic offer of SCALE-UP, is responsible for the transfer of skills/resources (faculty and tools) in the second- and third-level courses of study for which BIOMETRA is a referent.

The proposed activities concern:

1) the activation of research projects for the PhD Program in Experimental Medicine, D-MEM, focused on technologies being developed/implemented in SCALE-UP,

2) the organization of Summer School in Advanced Experimental Medicine,

3) the launch of the new curriculum ‘Modeling human diseases’ in the MBMM Master’s Degree Course in Medical Biotechnology,

4) the activation of the ‘Methodological approach to biomedical research’ curriculum in the IMS Bachelor of Medicine.