In addition to its two key functions – scientific research and education – BIOMETRA promotes and carries out a Third Mission (TM ), that is to work to encourage the direct application, enhancement and use of knowledge to contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of society.

The TM activity carried out by BIOMETRA is closely linked to the specificities and areas disciplines of belonging of the related researchers and therefore very varied.

Department referent of TM is Prof. Laura Mauri.

The Department is committed to valorising the knowledge acquired through research, and has developed various forms of cooperation.

· Public Engagement: university knowledge made available to the non-academic subjects

·  The Department actively participates in the “Meet me Tonight Researchers Night” event

· As part of scientific dissemination aimed at schools, the Department has implemented the project VIAGGIO AL CENTRO DELLA CELLULA. This has the aim of bringing primary school children closer to the world of the cells that make up the human body and conveying to them the role and importance that science has in everyday life, explaining some topics treated in science school curricula in an entertaining way (LA CELLULA – YouTube). Referents of the project are Dr. Nicoletta Loberto, Prof. Laura Mauri and Prof. Massimo Aureli.