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Two Final Seminars – Transnational Litigation and Arbitration – Jean Monnet Module on European Civil Procedure – Milan, 15 and 16 May 2018

On 15 and 16 May 2018, the University of Milan will host the final seminars of the EU funded three-years long teaching and research project (Jean Monnet Module on European Civil Procedure).

The two seminars will be held by some worldwide recognized experts on transnational litigation and arbitration.

Tuesday 15 May 2018 – 16.30-18.15, Aula 431 – Via Festa del Perdono n. 7, Milan

“International Commercial Arbitration: an International Arbitrator’s Perspective”
Mr. John Beechey
Former President, ICC International Court of Arbitration, Paris
President, ICC UK’s Committee for Arbitration and ADR
President, Board of the BVI International Arbitration Centre
Commander of the Order of the British Empire in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List


Wednesday 16 May 2018 – 09.00 – 16.00, Sala Napoleonica, Via S. Antonio 12, Milan

“Seminars on Transnational Litigation and International Arbitration”

“International Commercial Arbitration before US Courts. Problems and Solutions”
Prof. George Bermann, Jean Monnet Professor of EU Law; Walter Gellhorn Professor of Law; Director, Center for International Commercial and Investment Arbitration, Columbia Law School, New York
“Recent research studies and projects coordinated by the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg in the field of cross-border litigation in Europe”
Prof. Burkhard Hess, Founder and Executive Director, Planck Institute Luxembourg for International, European and Regulatory Procedural Law
“Quo Vadis International Commercial Arbitration? Recent Developments”
Mr. John Beechey, Former  President, ICC International Court of Arbitration, Paris

Round Table on Cooperation and Conflicts between Arbitration and State Courts: Issues, Challenges and Anedoctes

Discussants Stefano AZZALI, Segretario Generale della Camera Arbitrale di Milano
Prof. Massimo BENEDETTELLI, Ordinario di diritto internazionale dell’Università “Aldo Moro” di Bari
Prof. Antonio BRIGUGLIO, Ordinario di diritto processuale civile dell’Università di Roma “Tor Vergata” Andrea CARLEVARIS, Partner, BonelliErede, Milano; ex Segretario Generale della Corte di Arbitrato dell’ICC
Prof. Claudio CONSOLO, Ordinario di diritto processuale civile dell’Università di Roma “La Sapienza”
Prof. Diego CORAPI, Professore emerito di Diritto privato comparato dell’Università di Roma “La Sapienza”
Prof. Antonio CRIVELLARO, Of Counsel, BonelliErede, Milano
Prof. Maria Beatrice DELI, Segretario Generale dell’Associazione Italiana per l’Arbitrato
Prof. Luigi FUMAGALLI, Ordinario di diritto internazionale dell’Università degli Studi di Milano
Prof. Alberto MAZZONI, Ordinario di Diritto Commerciale dell’Università Cattolica di Milano; Presidente UNIDROIT, Roma
Prof. Luca RADICATI, Ordinario di diritto internazionale privato dell’Università Cattolica di Milano
Prof. Giorgio SACERDOTI, Professore emerito di diritto internazionale dell’Università Bocconi di Milano
Prof. Marco TORSELLO, Ordinario di diritto privato comparato dell’Università di Verona
Moderatore: Albert HENKE, Professore aggregato, Università degli Studi di Milano


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