Fossils: Environment and Time

people involved: Lucia ANGIOLINI, Marco BALINI, Cinza BOTTINI, Elisabetta ERBA, Maria Rose PETRIZZO

The Research Group comprises specialists of macroinvertebrates (brachiopods and ammonoids) and microfossils (calcareous nannofossils and planktonic foraminifers).

PhD Student will benefit of lab facilities at the Department of Earth Sciences including:

  • Micropaleontology Preparation Lab
  • Micropaleontology Microscopy Lab
  • Macropalaeontology Preparation Lab
  • Scanning Electron Microscope

Moreover, well-established collaboration with international geoscientists grant the exposure of PhD students to multidisciplinary research experiences at Italian, European and extra-European Institutions.
Presentations/publications (co)authored by PhD are foreseen as part of the planned transfer of knowledge and training in specialized as well as interdisciplinary research.
The Tutors will provide expertise in Taxonomy, Paleoecology, Paleoceanography, Paleoclimatology, Integrated Stratigraphy and Chronostratigraphy. Within the PhD program in Earth Sciences the research topics to be developed are described below.