Sectorial areas

The “academic disciplines” (for Italian university research and teaching) involved in the PhD program are: GEO/01 (Paleontology and paleoecology), GEO/02 (Stratigraphic and sedimentary geology), GEO/03 (Structural geology), GEO/04 (Physical geography and geomorphology), GEO/05 (Applied geology), GEO/06 (Mineralogy), GEO/07 (Petrology and petrography), GEO/08 (Geochemistry and volcanology), GEO/09 (Mining resources, mineralogic and petrographic applications for the environment and for cultural heritage), GEO/10 (Solid Earth geophysics), GEO/11 (Applied geophysics), GEO/12 (Oceanography and physics of the Atmosphere), ICAR/07 (Geotechnics), AGR/16 (Agricultural Microbiology).

Research Groups and Facilities

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