HUMAN NUTRITION – Laboratories

Laboratory for the evaluation of nutritional quality of foods 

The laboratory is equipped with instruments  for the characterization and quantification of the content of macro and micronutrients and other compounds of nutritional interest in foods, beverages and herbal extracts [basic analysis, chromatography (HPLC-PAD, HPLC-IR, GC, HPLC-UV-VIS), mass spectrometry (LC-MS / MS), UV-VIS spectrophotometry and Atomic Absorption (AAS),  facilities for enzyme methods (in vitro digestibility and accessibility of macro and micro nutrients).

Laboratory for the study of metabolic and functional response of foods/ food components

The laboratory is equipped with tools and protocols for the study of the protective effect (oxidative damage, inflammatory response, endothelial function, etc.) of foods / food components in in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo models, and for the evaluation of the glycemic index.

Laboratory for the satiety tests of foods

The laboratory is equipped with kitchen and furniture for the design and / or production of foodstuffs. Moreover, a room/laboratory for the satiety tests of foods is available.

Cell colture laboratory 

The laboratory is equipped with proper tools for the management of cell lines (class II biohazard hood, CO2 incubators, thermostats, dewar with liquid nitrogen, electronic cell counter, optical microscopes, microplate reader in absorbance and fluorescence).