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Prof. Diego Mora (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)


Teacher Board Staff:

Prof. Cristina Alamprese (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)

Prof. Stefania Arioli (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)

Prof. Lucia Baldi (DeFENS; Agri-Environment)

Prof. Alberto Barbiroli (DeFENS; Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Dr. Marco Beyer (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Luxembourg)

Dr. María Dolores del Castillo Bilbao (Institute of Food Science Research, Spanish National Research Council, Spain)

Prof. Sara Borin (DeFENS; Agri-Environment)

Prof. Susanna Buratti (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)

Prof. Francesca Cappitelli (DeFENS; Agri-Environment)

Prof. Ernestina Maria Casiraghi (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)

Dr. Maria Cristina Casiraghi (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)

Dr. Stefano Cattaneo (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)

Prof. Elena Maria Comelli (Department of Nutritional Sciences and Lawson, Centre for Child Nutrition and Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, Canada)

Prof. Concetta Maria Compagno (DeFENS; Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Dr. Martina Contente (DeFENS; Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Prof. Paolo Cortesi (DeFENS; Agri-Environment)

Prof. Elena Crotti (DeFENS; Agri-Environment)

Prof. Sabrina Dallavalle (DeFENS; Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Prof. Ivano De Noni (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)

Dr. D’Incecco Paolo (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)

Dr. Di Nunzio Mattia (DeFENS; Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Prof. Daniela Erba (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)

Prof. Stefano Farris (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)

Prof. Dimitrios Fessas (DeFENS; Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Prof. Roberto Carmine Foschino (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)

Prof. Daniela Fracassetti (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)

Prof. Hanne Frøkiær (Dept. of Veterinary Disease Biology, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Prof. Simone Domenico Guglielmetti (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)

Prof. Riccardo Guidetti (DISAA; Agri-Environment)

Prof. Alyssa Mariel Hidalgo Vidal (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)

Prof. Stefania Iametti (DeFENS; Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Prof. Marcello Iriti (DISAA; Agri-Environment)

Prof. David Jeffery (School of Agriculture, Food and Wine; The University of Adelaide; Australia)

Dr. Costanza Jucker (DeFENS; Agri-Environment)

Dr. Andrea Kunova (DeFENS; Agri-Environment)

Prof. Monica Laureati (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)

Prof. Vera Agnese Lavelli (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)

Prof. Sara Limbo (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)

Prof. Daniela Lupi (DeFENS; Agri-Environment)

Prof. Francesca Mapelli (DeFENS; Agri-Environment)

Prof. Alessandra Marti (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)

Prof. Mario Martinez Martinez (Department of Food Science, Aarhus University, Denmark)

Dr. Daniela Martini (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)

Prof. Francesco Enzo Molinari (DeFENS; Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Prof. Peter Møller (Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Prof. Ella Pagliarini (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)

Prof. Matias Pasquali (DeFENS; Agri-Environment)

Prof. Luisa Maria Pellegrino (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)

Prof. Laura Piazza (DESP; Food Science and Nutrition)

Dr. Ricardo Pinheiro De Souza Oliveira (University of São Paulo, Brazil)

Prof. Stéphane Quideau (Institut des Sciences Moléculaire, Université de Bordeaux, France)

Prof. Patrizia Riso (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)

Prof. Barbara Scaglia (DISAA; Agri-Environment)

Dr. Valentina Taverniti (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)

Prof. Antonio Tirelli (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)

Prof. Ileana Vigentini (DeFENS; Food Science and Nutrition)

Dr. Susanne Vogelgsang (Agroscope, Zurich, Switzerland)

Dr. Emanuele Zannini (School of Food and Nutritional Science, University College Cork, Ireland)


Web Master:

Dr. Fabio Forlani (DeFENS)